Terms & Conditions

Magnolia Wedding and Event Hire Limited


By paying and hiring goods from Magnolia Wedding and Event Hire Limited, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions below.


1.    Definitions

1.1   Unless the context otherwise requires, the following definitions shall apply to these terms and conditions:


       “Company”     Magnolia Wedding and Event Hire Limited

       “Hirer”            The person hiring the goods from the Company

       “Goods”           Means those goods supplied to the Hirer


2.    Supply

2.1   The goods will be supplied to the Hirer on these terms and conditions unless the Company agrees in writing to change them. 


2.2   The Company will not be bound by any conditions included in the Hirer’s order unless it accepts them in writing.


2..3   All hire items remain the property of the Company.


3.    Hire period

3.1   The Company’s hire period for goods is 1 – 3 days. The price is fixed for this length of period and there is no refund for returning items early.


3.2   A late return penalty fee of 10% of the total good’s hire price will be incurred for up to one day late, and will increase to 20% of total hire price for each day thereafter until all the hired goods are returned.

3.3   If goods are not returned in time resulting in goods being unavailable for another booking, the penalty will be the full hire cost of the goods.


3.4   A payment for a penalty fee is due within 5 days from when the penalty occurs. These costs will be taken from either the hire bond, or directly from the hirer.


3.5   During the period of hire (from collection or delivery to drop off or collection) the Hirer takes full responsibility for all hire goods.


3.6   The Company takes no responsibility for any liability arising, if due to circumstances beyond our control, booked items are unavailable. We will do our best to provide an alternative similar item where possible, and otherwise will provide a full refund on the cost of hiring the unavailable item.

4.    Price

4.1   Quotations are subject to acceptance within twenty (20) days, after which they shall lapse.  Goods are hired on a first come first served basis and a quotation does not guarantee the availability of any/all items.

5.    Price


5.1   The price for the goods’ hire shall be the price agreed between the Company and the hirer at the date of the order.

5.2   Any price agreed between the Company and the Hirer at the date of the order may be varied if costs of materials, freight rates, taxes, government charges, insurance rates, duties and or exchange rates are increased between the date of order and the date of delivery.


6.    Deposit


6.1   The Company requires a 40% deposit (of total price of the good’s hire) to secure a booking. To be paid by bank deposit at time of confirmation.

6.2   If the hirer requests to have item/s removed from the invoice after the deposit is paid the 40% deposit is non refundable nor transferable.

6.3   Booking deposits are non transferable.


7.    Payment

7.1   The Hirer shall pay all payments by bank deposit into Magnolia Wedding and Event Limited ANZ. Bank account details will be supplied.

7.2   The total invoice must be paid 30 days prior to date of booked event. If the hirer does not comply with this, Goods and Services will not be released and the deposit is non refundable


7.3   Hirer's making payments coming from an overseas bank account will need to ensure the extra fee for international bank transfers is paid. If this is not paid, any fees incurred by the Company will be taken from the bond.

8.     Bond

8.1   A bond of either 20% of the total goods hire cost is required to be paid to the Company 7 days prior to hire. This is in addition to the deposit payments.


8.2   Bond is refunded once all goods have been returned and checked for condition by the Company. Hirer needs to ensure that the Company has Bank details to complete this transaction.


8.3   All refunds of bond to an overseas bank account will incur the extra fee for international bank transfers which will be deducted from the total bond received.


8.4   The Hirer is responsible for all hire items during the period of hire and includes but is not limited to, damage, breakage or loss. Any goods damaged or soiled will be paid for from the bond.


8.5   If damages, soiling, breakages or other losses are greater than the bond payment received by the Company, the Hirer will be responsible for paying the full replacement value of the goods.


8.6   Any items that require replacement will include further shipping or postage costs.


9.    Failure to make payment

9.1   If the Hirer fails to pay any fee on or before the due date the Company reserves the right to charge penalty interest of 2% per month on overdue accounts from the due date until payment in full is made.

9.2   Accounts sent to a debt collection agency will incur further fees which are the responsibility of the debtor.

9.3   Any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred while recovering any outstanding monies including debt collection agency fees or solicitors costs shall be the full responsibility of the Hirer.


10.    Delivery

10.1   Delivery of the goods shall be made to the address stated on the order unless agreed otherwise between the parties.

10.2   The Company may stop future deliveries until the Hirer has paid for all previous deliveries.

10.3   If the Company is unable to deliver the goods because of any cause beyond its reasonable control the Company shall not be in any way held responsible for any consequences (direct or indirect) arising from such delay or non delivery.


11.   Risk

11.1   The risk in the goods shall pass to the Hirer upon delivery.

12.   Liability and Indemnity


12.1   The Hirer assumes all responsibility for the Goods from the time of delivery until Collection by the Company and is liable for all Goods damaged or lost during this period of Hire.  Insurance is not covered by the Company once the Good’s have left its original storage location.

12.2   The Hirer shall be responsible for Liability, property and casualty Insurance cover to fully protect the Company’s Goods against all claims, loss or damage of whatever nature or type.

12.3   Any Goods used outside are done so entirely at the risk of the Hirer.  In no case should equipment be used or left outside in the rain or overnight.

12.4   All items must be stored if not in use and left in secure dry storage.


13.    Description

13.1   The Hirer shall rely upon its own judgement as to the nature, quality and condition of the goods and their suitability for any purpose and not upon any representation made by the Company.  Any description of the goods given by the Company shall not constitute a sale by description.


13.2   An inspection by the Hirer of a sample of the goods shall not constitute a sale by sample.

14.   Condition of Goods

14.1   The Company checks and inspects all goods before they are hired and again upon return. The Hirer is to return the goods in the state they were found with packaging.


14.2   The Company shall replace any defective goods so long as the Hirer has complied with the Company’s instructions concerning the manner in which such goods are to be used and returns the defective goods to the Company in accordance with the Company’s faulty goods return policy.

14.3   All goods are props and can be new or used. Some items may show signs of reasonable wear and tear.


14.4   Any complaints of damage, short deliveries, loss in transit or defects must be made to the Company within five (5) working days of the delivery to the Hirer. The Company shall have the right in its discretion to replace the goods in respect of which any complaint as aforesaid is made and proven, or credit the portion of the hire price applicable to the Hirer. 


15.   Cancellation and or Return of Goods


The Company at its option may accept cancellation of an order provided that:


15.1   The Company has consented in writing to cancel the order.


15.2   Goods are returned to the Company at the Hirer’s cost within 5 days of delivery.


15.3   The Goods are undamaged and in a hireable condition.


15.4   The Company may determine to cancel bookings at its discretion should the Hirer not meet the payment deadlines.

16.   Third Party Links


Certain content, products or services available via our services may include materials from third parties.  Third party links on these services may direct you to third party websites that are not affiliated with us.  We are not responsible for examining or evaluating the content or accuracy and we do not warrant and will not have any liability or responsibility for third party materials or websites, or for any other materials, products or services of third parties.  We are not liable for any harm or damages related to any transactions made in connection with third party websites the responsibility lies with you to ensure that you understand third party policies.


17.   Privacy Act 1993

17.1   The Hirer agrees that the Company may obtain information about the Hirer and the Hirer consents to any person providing the Company with such information.

17.2   The Hirer agrees that the Company may use any information it has about the Hirer relating to the Hirer’s credit worthiness and may give that information to any credit or debt collecting agency for credit assessment and debt collection purposes.